Relocation production, manufacture und toolshop

In our new premises, we have fulfilled all the requirements which have emerged through our experience during the last years. Environmental aspects have played a massive role in the planning and implementation of the plant.

The specification for the new building include the following:

-  Expansion of production and development area to realise more orders in future
-  Increased flexibility through short communication paths
-  All departments: development, prototype construction, management, machine shop, tooling, test and injection 
   moulding are now in one building
-  Reduce reaction times in interdepartmental requirements
-  Increasing the production depth
-  Improvement in Engineering with additional analysis tools and workshop space for prototyping
-  Storage of finished goods and separate logistics 

With the completion of the relocation, we will have implemented all the points accordingly, so you can expect from us to further improve our performance.


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